All about me

A friend once gave me a sign that said, “You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take”. That statement pretty much sums me up, I take photos all the time! I just cannot get enough of all the beauty God created in this world and I love that a photograph lets me remember it for years to come.

Take a look through my photo galleries to get a feel for my style. You will quickly see that I focus a lot on the eyes and I use minimal props with simple backdrops in the studio and natural settings outside. If you like what you see, contact me!  But if our styles do not mesh, I can recommend a handful of very talented professional photographers that I personally know in the area.

Besides photography, I love crafting, spending time with family and playing with my pets.  I have two cats, and one dog. The cats were rescues and my dog is a special needs pug who stole my heart.  Besides the furry inhabitants of my home, some of my favorite things are the smell of fresh cut grass, orange blossoms and soap.

I love my life. It is the only life I have. It is beautiful, rewarding, messy and difficult … and worth preserving. Yours is too. I encourage you to document your own life as I am sure lots of you already do, but don’t forget to back up those cell phone photos and print your favorite images. Yes, print them!  Trust me on this.